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NJSWEP Scholarship Recipients

NJSWEP congratulates all our Scholarship recipients and looks forward to their participation in our organization and their contributions to the environmental field.  We encourage any student interested in the Scholarship Program to apply for future awards.

2022 Scholarship Award Winners

Jaquelyn Cook (2022 Undergraduate Winner) is a sophomore at Rider University pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. Her occupational objective once she graduates is to become a hydrologist, working to provide clean water to large communities. She has recently worked with a professor to research the rising sodium levels in the Delaware River Watershed, which connects to her campus watershed. She looks forward to continuing and expanding her research next semester as she continues to learn more about Environmental Science.

Emily Zembricki (2022 Undergraduate Winner) is a senior at Stockton University pursuing a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Science and Sustainability as well as a minor in behavioral neuroscience. After completing her undergraduate degree, Emily plans on continuing her education and earning a Ph.D. in Biopsychology. In graduate school, she anticipates studying the psychological impacts of captivity on orca whales so that she can advocate for the improved treatment of orcas that remain in marine parks. Emily carried out research at Rutgers University where she examined how increasing humpback whale presence has impacted shifting krill dominance in the West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP). After constructing and overlaying time series of humpback whale sightings, krill densities, and corresponding sea ice coverage data, she found that rising numbers of humpback whales in the WAP between 1993 and 1998 reinforced shifts in the dominant krill species from Euphausia superba to Thysanoessaspp., which could have serious implications on the structure of food webs in the greater Antarctic region in the near future. This experience allowed Emily to work with whales for the first time and break into the research field at a professional level, which she hopes to continue contributing to going into graduate school and in her career.